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WWDC 2022 Wishlist

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WWDC 2022

Even though I don't use any Apple products myself, it's always nice to see platforms evolve and the user experience improve. Here's the features I hope Apple will announce for iOS and iPadOS at WWDC — most of these are unrealistic, and I don't expect Apple to announce all of them.

  • Sideloading apps.
    • While you can sideload apps by self-signing with AltStore, I consider this to be a workaround — it's meant to be used by developers, so it comes with some limitations, such as a 3 app limit and a 7 day expiry.
    • I doubt Apple would ever implement this by their own choice; they would have to be legally forced by the Open App Markets Act, the Digital Markets Act, or a similar bill.
  • RCS support in Messages.
  • Auto-unlock on Face ID recognition.
  • Interactive widgets.
  • Custom app icon packs.
  • Dual-boot macOS and iPadOS on M1 iPads.
  • Pro tools (Final Cut Pro, Logic, Xcode) on iPadOS.
  • Window-mode for iPadOS.